Bi-wire Jumpers Z-SHELL 10 8NLW-8000 Prestage 6NLW-Granster LUG-5.5 LUG-8.5


Bi-Wire Jumpers

  • [Conductor Material] Ultrapure 7NCu, HiFC, PCUHD, OFC
  • [Conductor Size] 5.0square
  • [External Diameter] 7mmφ
  • [Terminal] 24gold-plated original Y/B plugs



  • [Body] Aluminum alloy
  • [Weight] 15g

8NLW-8000 Prestage

Headshell leads

  • [Conductor Material] Ultrapure 8NCu, Silver-plated PCOCC, Silver-plated OFC, OFC
  • [Conductor Size] 0.31 square
  • [External Diameter] 1.4mm


Headshell leads

  • [Conductor Material] Ultrapure 6NCu, HiFC, PCUHD, OFC
  • [Conductor Size] 0.31square
  • [External Diameter] 1.4mm

LUG-5.5 Series LUGY-5.5, LUGB-5.5
LUGV-5.5, LUGY-5.5Rh
LUGB-5.5Rh, LUGV-5.5Rh

●Support for 5.5square speaker cable.
●(*)Contains 4 pieces of plug each.

  • LUGY-5.5     : 24gold-plated spade plug
  • LUGB-5.5     : 24gold-plated banana plug
  • LUGV-5.5     : 24gold-plated original pin plug
  • LUGY-5.5Rh : Rhodium-plated spade plug
  • LUGB-5.5Rh : Rhodium-plated banana plug
  • LUGV-5.5Rh : Rhodium-plated original pin plug

LUGY-8.5, LUGB-8.5

●Support for 8.5 square speaker cable.
●(*)Contains 4 pieces of plug each.

  • LUGY-8.5 : Rhodium-plated spade plug
  • LUGB-8.5 : Rhodium-plated banana plug