The diverse Zonotone family: What people demand, in the forms they want.

"Close to human beings, closet to the music, close to sensation"

Super Class

【Shupreme Series】

The “h” added to “Supreme” symbolizes the aim for something even “higher” than the supreme. Though we are proud of our reputation “Cable means Zonotone,” the Zonotone Spirit is not to be content with that but to continue taking up the challenge toward the “next level.” The Shupreme Series, based on the theme of unprecedented passion, is a super-grade product group that further raises the bar on the originality, flexible development expertise, and innovative technology we have built up over the years to take “supreme” to new heights.

Middle Class

【Grandio Series】【Neo Grandio Series】

Doing away with cost constraints, spare no expense in building the kind of cable we want. That was the challenge we took up in the Grandio Series, as we aimed for the ultimate cable. Designing a new conductor. Developing a new structure. A new technological approach. From these were born the ultimate transmission deepening the passion and enriching the experience. What is the best cable you could ask for today? The Grandio Series products are the answer to that question.

Unique Class

【Royal Spirit Series】【Blue Spirit Series】

Pursuing a sound that is full of the charm of music, and trying to create a sound with a slightly different personality of the traditional Zonotone sound. "Expansion feeling" and "depth feeling" that are particular about the size of the scale, the fun of listening to music is also wide. "Royal Spirit Series" has a sound surrounded by a rich emotional excitement. "Blue Spirit Series", with an eye on the appeal of vintage cable, and with the aim of deepening that attraction further, we developed “new modern” tin-plated wire and created a collaboration with high-purity copper wire, resulting in a different kind of Zonotone Sound that stands apart from other Zonotone products. This is one more example of the Zonotone Spirit, one that is drawing raves from those who love jazz.

Entry Class

【Granster Series】【Meister Series】

To begin with, the cost constraints are ones we imposed on ourselves. Then we attempted to solve the difficult problem of whether, on that premise, cable can be made that brooks no compromise. By persisting with our efforts in the face of many different obstacles, we finally succeeded in breaking through the limitations. While having the high quality anyone will acclaim, these cables are sold at prices everyone will welcome. The Granster/Meister Series is our lineup of products that bring the enjoyment of high-end audio to the general public.