The Origins of Zonotone

Toshihiko Maezono, Founder

Chikara Maezono, President and CEO Maezono Sound Labs. Corporation

Sharing the passion with audiophiles.

When 7N audio cable became available in Japan for the first time in the autumn of 1990 from the predecessor of Zonotone, the Japanese audio world began to take note of the importance of wire materials. While a number of innovative cable products have been produced since then, the Zonotone brand was launched to develop cable that is closer to the ideal. That was in 2007.

Bringing revolutionary cable to audiophiles. There is no other way to pursue the deep passion of music that stirs the hearts of audiophiles. At the foundation of this is my own personal passion for music and for audio. Materials, structure, design—all are for the sake of a passion for music. As the front-runner in cable making, we have also not forgotten to set reasonable prices for Zonotone cable so that it can bring the enjoyment of audio to ordinary consumers, beyond being a hobby of the rich.

We are grateful to have reached over the tenth year since our founding. The product lineup has grown more diverse and full. What should we make, and for whom? Zonotone always keeps its ears open to the voice of audiophiles. Admonishment, encouragement, empathy, suggestions. Those voices are reflected in our products. That is how we share passion with audiophiles. Zonotone cable is created together with audiophiles.